Neon Punch Members Profile & Biography Complete (K-pop)

Neon Punch Members Profile & Biography - How are you all, on this occasion, I will write down a complete bio-data along with religion, latest photos and original Instagram accounts group member of Girlband NeonPunch.

NEON PUNCH or in Korean are written with the words (네온 펀치). Is Group Girlband who would begin his debut in June 2018. This is a group Girlband first Girlband from A100 Ent. Own Ent ever A100 party announced that A100 Ent will make project group Girlband And Boyband in announce in March 2017.

Until some time later in the Project, to announce her Party A100 Ent and then uploading the new group Girlband Cover on his youtube Channel. The uploads introduces a mysterious masked dancers is first Girlband A100 Ent Entertainment's First Project.

iaan baeka dayeon, arang hajung Neon Punch Members Profile & Biography Complete (K-pop)

At the beginning of the emergence of this Girlband, the secret agency identity of the masked dancers, but after such a long time and then finally the member group girlband A100 Ent started revealed the name of his name.

The name of the Group Girlband called NeonPunch, 5-membered Girl Group people of beautiful women named Dayeon, charcoal, Iaan, Baekah and Hajeong.

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NeonPunch Members Biodata :

1. Dayeon

Dayeon Biography - NeonPunch Members Profile
Source : Official A100 Entertainment

Dayeon or full named Hwang YeonGyeong (황연경), is a member of Neon Punch as Leader, and vocalist. He was born on 17 November 1995. nickname Dayeon is Hwangdogeu (그 황도). in Neon this Punch. Dayeon is a leader who has a ridiculous nature and likes to make jokes, but when he's being serious, himself could become someone who is most serious among friends. dayeon hobby is watching the drama of cinema.

Full Name:Hwang YeonGyeong (황연경)
Populer Name:DAYEON (다연)
Date Of Birth:November 17, 1995
Age:23 (in 2018)
Hobby:Watching Dramas
Height:-+ 170 cm

2. Arang / A-rang

Arang Biography - Neon Punch Members Profile
Source : Official A100 Entertainment

Charcoal was born in Busan, South Korea on July 27, 2001. he occupies the position of lead vocalist and Main dancer. his birth name was Son Minjeong (손민정). He is who made the mood in the group. have the skills to play together with other Neonpunch members.

Full Name
Son Minjeong (손민정)
Populer Name
Arang (아랑)
Date Of Birth
July 27, 2001
18 (in 2018)
Playing with His Friend
-+ 165 cm

3. Iann

Iann Biography - NeonPunch Members Profile
Source : Official A100 Entertainment

Yoo Dongju or Iann 유동주 is a member of NeonPunch who was born on March 22, 2002. He has the nickname Heo Dongju (허 동주), Eokkae 어깨 (깡패 Kkangpae; Shoulder Thug). He has a hobby that is different from a friend's friend, IE: good food and sleep. in the Neon Punch, he plays as a Vocalist, Rapper, and Maknae.

Full Name:Yoo Dongju 유동주
Populer Name:IAAN 이안
Date Of Birth:March 22, 2002
Age:16 (in 2018)
Hobby:Sleeping and Eating
Height:- + 162 cm

4. Baekah / Baeka

Baekah Biography - Neon Punch Members Profile
Source : Official A100 Entertainment

Kim SuA 김수아 or named stage BAEKAH is a member of a group that has the Punch Neon member age is still very young. He was born on the 24th of October of 1999. Baekah plays as a Vocalist in Girl Groups Neon Punch. Baekah have a role model who named Lee Hyori. He has a hobby of using perfumes and have a nickname Gamja Jumeok (감자 주먹;).

Full Name:Kim SuA 김수아
Populer Name:BAEKAH 백아
Date Of Birth:October 24, 1999
Age:19 (in 2018)
Hobby:leaving her parfume
Height:-+ 170 cm

5. Hajeong / Hajung

Hajeong Hajung Biography - NeonPunch Members Profile
Source : Official A100 Entertainment

Lee Hajeong (이하정) or commonly called by the name of Hajeong. It is the main vocalist in the Group. He was born on September 23, 1997. his hobby is collecting cosmetics and shopping. In addition to good in vocals, she can also play the Flute and can Rap. In addition to the hobby of shopping, she also likes to play basketball and editing images.

Full Name:Lee Hajeong (이하정)
Populer Name:Hajeong (하정‬) / Hajung
Date Of Birth:September 23, 1997
Age:21 (in 2018)
Blood Type:O
Height:-+ 170 cm

Other Members: 

1. Terry

Terry is a beautiful female birth February 2, 1998. in Girl Groups Neon Punch, her plays as a vocalist. full name or birth is Dasom Han 한다솜. his hobby is clean and is also someone who is both a regulator. He always wakes up very early and invites its members to avoid being late. In addition, managers are apparently terry is also the woman who is always excited in his life.

Full Name:Han Dasom 한다솜
Populer Name:TERRY 테리
Date Of Birth:February 2, 1998
Age:20 (in 2018)
Hobby:Cleaning and Organizing
Height:-+ 165 cm

2. May

Beautiful woman named May was called complete Jeong Chaeyoung (정채영). his hobby is playing guitar music. In addition to playing guitar, he also had a very good vocal level. He who has the responsibility for the action of the Girl Groups neon Punch. May was born on July 27, year 2001.

Full Name:Jeong Chaeyoung (정채영)
Populer Name:MAY (메이)
Date Of Birth:July 27, 2001
Age:17 (in 2018)
Hobby:Playing Guitar
Height:-+ 162 cm

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