KHAN Members Biography & Profile Complete (K-Pop)

Biography KHAN Members Complete with religion, age, hight and new photos - 

Hello, this time in the post, I will discuss about Biography two beautiful woman who is a member of the girl band KHAN

KHAN is vocal group from South korea are filled by two beautiful women, both personnel is a former member of the girl band The Ark. beautiful woman named Minju had Kim. Khan, who is a singer-songwriter duo of new arrivals in the year 2018 is shining under the Maroo Entertainment after the release of songs for the debut of the start date may 23, 2018 with the release of the latest singles entitled  "I'm Your Girl? ".

The second group of Vocal Girl Band Khan had previously been released a single song titled  "Goodbye Rain ". Shortly before the chick and the creation of K-Pop Group named KHAN.

The two Vocalists in the Band Khan i.e. Minju had Kim, had a distinctive sound and style is beautiful when they sing. before both of them shine with the name KHAN, Had Kim and Minju has also often make postings both as a singer duo who cover her videos there are on Youtube.

KHAN Members Biography & Profile Complete with new photos

In the art of Vocal Group in K-Pop Khan, both have nearly the same role, that of Minju (민주) serves as the position of lead singer and Dancer. Whereas Had Kim (김 유나) placed himself to fill the position as Principal Dancer, the Main Rapper, Maknae and lead singer.

Duo Members of KHAN'S Group also has the same Age, both born in the year 1994. They like to upload videos of their songs cover results in Instagram and Youtube account. Before they joined the Group KHAN, both of whom seemed to be practicing with very hard, it refuses to allow them to make their fans happy and satisfied appearance Had Kim and Minju when collaborating in a Girl Band KHAN.

In the end of the video they uploaded, and Kim Had never said a word that has meanings that they will continue to show the cool side and best of their appearance so that they have a lot of fans and supporters.

As I mentioned in the title of the posting above, I will write short biographies Of members of the K-pop Girl Group Band Korea named Khan And religion, The latest photos, a Twitter account and the original Instagram account.

KHAN members bio data :

1. Minju (민주)
Minju (민주) Profil and Biography plus new photos cute walpaper

Jeon Min-ju, or the more popular with the name of the group is a member of Minju KHAN ever participated in trainee for 8 years. In addition to speak Korean, he is also proficient in the Japanese language. minju currently 23 years old. He was born in South korea and was educated at Hanlim Arts High School. Before he reached his success, He never participated in K-Pop Star 2 and reaching # 8. Do not stop there. He also participated in the K-Pop Star 6. Prior to forming member of KHAN, she was never incorporated in the girl band The Ark and DAYDAY. Minju debuted his solo career and his first in 2014 with the title's "Goodbye Rain ".

Full Name: Jeon Min-ju (전 민주)
Populer Name: MinJu
Date of birth: September 8th, 1994 (age 23)
Origin / Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
Zodiac: Virgo
work / Job: Singer, Dancer
active year: 2012 - Present
Minju height: 162 cm
weight: 44 Kg
Minju Religion: Christian
Member of Girlband: KHAN
The original Instagram account: @jeonminju94

2. Euna Kim (유나 김)

Euna Kim (유나 김) profil and biography complete

Had Kim (김 유나) is the stage name of a beautiful woman named complete Kim YuNa. He was born in New York City, U.S. in 1994. at the age of entering the age of 23. KHAN joined the group himself. In addition to speak Korean, had been too shy in English. Kim Yuna never attended North Rockland High School and is also a former member of the YG trainees.
Full Name: Kim YuNa
Populer Name: Euna Kim
Date of birth: October 27th, 1994 (age 23)
Birthplace: New York, United States
Euna Kim Religion: Christian
work / Job: Vocal, Rapper and Dancers
active year: 2014 - present
Euna height: 164 cm
weight: 47 Kg
Zodiac: Scorpio
Member of Girlband: KHAN
The original Instagram account: @euna102794
Real Twitter account: @eunakim102794

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